S a t t v a

“What is distracting you?”

I find myself having to ask this question more and more while teaching.  What brings this up isn’t the average monkey-mind distraction, it is an external vibration, a frequency sending you a message…….from your iPhone.  Have high tech watches become a new prop in your yoga class?  The answer is no.  No they have not.  (Sadly, teachers, they are not a new teaching tool either).

I understand that these fancy accessories are able to track steps, heart rate, calories burned, sleep, etc.  It is an amazing tool to track progress and it is awesome that we have been given an alternative way to communicate without having to carry our phones everywhere we go.  Though these top of the line consumer products have outstanding qualities, they also come with side effects that you might not find in the fine print.  Attachment, distraction, and disruption.  

Sattva:  balance, harmony, peace, serenity. 

I’m not saying give up your watch, I am asking for you to silence it while you practice.  In a world of 500 emails, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Words With Friends, compulsive text messages, and psychosomatic FOMO on what is happening in the world, we have begun to sabotage our mental and emotional wellbeing.  

For example, imagine yourself in Warrior II, you feel a vibration on your wrist.  You don’t check it right away because you’re trying to focus on your practice, however you have already been distracted.  The impulse of wanting to know what, who, and why something or someone is trying to get in touch with you is rattled.  The sensory neurons of your brain are poking at your central nervous system like, “hey!  hey!  hey!  hey!  hey!! hello!!!  hi!!  check me!!!!  hi!  hey!,” until you cant take it anymore.  You wait for the teacher to walk in the other direction before taking a glance only to see Groupon Goods is offering 75% off Fitbits, which you don’t need because you already have a watch with a fitness tracker.  Now you are disconnected from your asana practice and discontent because it wasn’t hot Brad that you are so desperate to hear from.  Just an example, the possibilities are endless.  

The point is, if we prioritize external connection over our connection with ourselves we will experience mental turmoil, chaos, disease, and illusion.  I strongly believe we have to stay just as connected to our inner technology.  Connected to consciousness, truth, wisdom, empowerment, healing, love, peace, our individual royalties that can uplift us to a state of being awake.  

Real talk, it is not easy, it is not poetic and you will not solve the equation to magically get your shit together.  It is just practice.  Each time we practice being connected, we begin to imprint or carve grooves into our brain.  We allow ourselves to navigate through mental traps, karmic imprints, unconscious impulses, conscious impulses, addiction, negative self talk, etc.  The practice is a gateway to mental freedom and intentional living.  An opportunity to open our hearts to possibility, harmony, mental and physical wellbeing.

Do Not Disturb your opportunity to a positive transformation. (See what I did there?)  Find the balance, silence the watch, take off the watch, keep your phone in a different room, disable messages to come through when you are spending time with yourself or with people you love.  Not only will you maximize your health and wellbeing but your surroundings and relationships will reflect what you manifest from having a conscious connection. 

…Hot Brad will understand.