S a n k a l p a

At the beginning of a yoga class you may have had the opportunity to set an intention for your practice.      

    Intention:  intent, purpose, aim, or plan

Maybe the intention is something to let go of, cultivate, or bring awareness to in life off of the mat.  It is a seed that is planted and needs nurturing breath by breath and moment to moment.  We are bringing awareness to the presence of the mind and ultimately creating peace in our mind.  Why does your intention have power? 

The word yoga means union.  Today yoga studios are everywhere and today the world needs this practice more than ever.  Not just because of the “yoga butt” or “yoga bod” (om shanti) but because we as individuals, as communities, and as a nation are neglecting to connect with one another.  We have emotional barriers, trust issues, and competitive backbones.  Depression is on the rise and being treated one prescription at a time.  We have created isolation between political parties, religious groups, race, social status, and even yoga lineages.      

Regardless of what lineage is practiced, where we come from, what we believe in, what the color of our skin is, we are all connected.  ( Me + You = We )  The disconnect is our disconnection to consciousness.  Disconnection to consciousness is caused by the dis-ease that exist in our mind.   

The setting of intention is a great step but the action and practice of yoga is a powerful solution.  As individuals we can take on the personal work (even get professional help) to break these barriers and walls that we have up, connect with our truth, stop existing and start living with meaning.  We can stop competing with one another and devote our energy to selfless service.  We can create a partnership with our ego and shut up long enough to listen.

What intention have you been setting?  What actions are you taking to keep the intention alive off the mat?

Be compassionate.

Be kind. 

Be forgiving. 

Be love.