r e c r e a t e

A common statement I have received since coming home from India is, “you have changed.”  

My response, “I hope so.”

Regardless if I would have traveled to India, New York, or Brazil, my human experience on this planet is important to me.  When I experience shift, it is imperative that I listen and more important apply it to my life.  

I have gone on so many vacations where I wanted to “check out.”  Check out, as in pretend my reality at home didn’t exist.  Check out of the emails, the relationships that consumed my energy, the expectation I put on myself to do a good job, the hustle, and all of my worries.  Only to find that by the end of my vacation I was depressed that it was coming to an end.  

I have also gone on vacations with a predetermined mindset, thinking I am supposed to experience a certain thing.  Designing an itinerary so packed full of “things I need to see and do” and expecting my accommodations to be exactly as my itinerary says.  Essentially setting myself up for disappointment.  Robbing myself of an experience that a travel book can’t plan, a guide can’t give, and coming home more exhausted than I was before I left. 

Vacation defined is, “an extended period of recreation, especially one spent away from home or in traveling.”    Recreation is an activity of enjoyment.  In recreation you can also find the word  RE-CREATE.  In this time we have on earth, we are either growing or shrinking.  We miss what is in front of us because of our own limited thoughts.  When we are out traveling the world and are easing into letting go of our routine and expectation, we have a chance to learn something about the place we are in and ourselves.  Let go and live, dammit.

Here is what I learned in India and / or what India affirmed for me: 

1.  I realized I have a bigger purpose than what I allowed myself to believe  

2.  My success isn’t defined by how many followers I have on Instagram, social media, my website and all external platforms that I spend a tremendous amount of time and energy on.  Success to me is being my authentic self and sharing the knowledge that has been given to me by masters, teachers, badass mamajamas and my own experiences 

3.  I am no longer afraid of my story and I will only share it with those who deserve to know

4.  My problems are minuscule, I will find gratitude in every challenge I am given

5.  I really care about teaching yoga to anyone who is wanting to change and experience shift

6.  I will no longer spend time with peers that spend more time criticizing themselves and/or others and no longer tolerate any adult with low self esteem misinterpret their power

7.  I will teach yoga beyond the flow in all of my classes and I am not sorry about it

8.  I will be hosting another India Retreat in March of 2019 (only accepting inquiries that are signed up for my mailing list + only 15 spots + interviews to attend the retreat start in June) 

9.  I will, continue to be me.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.