n i r v i k a l p a

 N I R V I K A L P A


Fun word, huh?


Nirvikalpa // Perspective


“A state of mind and being that exists beyond the limitations of time, space, and individual consciousness.”


Can you imagine the ego having anything to do with limitations to our perspective?  Have you ever caught yourself getting stuck in old patterns (samskaras) in times of growth or challenge?  I have.  Usually it’s from fear of the unknown, maybe scared of what other people may think, or unconsciously seeking approval from an external source.  Sometimes it’s taken friends, teachers, even strangers to pull me through.  

We were not put on this earth to prove ourselves.  We individually have special characteristics, passions, and talents.  Our ego can sometimes trick us into being in competition with one another or comparing ourselves to this perspective of what success is.  When we are able to get past the ego and really believe in ourselves, we begin to live our lives.  

When I first started teaching yoga I memorized one sequence and stuck to it for a few years.  Not because I thought it was the greatest sequence but because I knew it worked.  I was “comfortable” with it… In reality I was terrified that if I did something different no one would like it.  (Because that’s what yoga is about right?)  

We were not put on this earth to define or approve the success of others either.  Think about one time you were presented with an approach to something that was different than yours.  Were you open to understanding or was it an automatic resistance?  If you resisted at one or tens times in life, me too.  Usually from feeling threatened, or comparing myself, maybe my experience was that my idea was not enough. 

When I gained courage to start creating more sequences to teach and started sharing my own personal experience of what yoga means to me, I had feedback that was good and I have had feedback that was not in my favor.  Of course good feedback is always pleasant and warmly welcomed, but who are we when we receive the latter?  I have listened to all of the feedback over the years and I honestly try to seek to understand every piece of advice that is given to me.  In more ways than ten, I have grown because I had never thought about something in one way or I was challenged to think outside the box.  There have been other times where I have wadded up feedback and threw it in the trash because it did not serve me or was not in line with my passion.  

“You can fail doing what you love but you can also fail doing what you don’t love… so you might as well do what you love.”  Jim Carrey

Life is too short.  With the limited of time we are put on this earth I encourage you to do what ever it is that gets you out of bed in the morning, makes you a kinder person to yourself, and gives you enough confidence to inspire others to do the same.