D h a r m a

D h a r m a

“The sun must shine so the bees can make honey.”


Dharma isn’t something you can purchase online or find on the shelves at your nearest Whole Foods.  Your life’s purpose is deeply rooted.  Dharma is an undeniable desire to be of service to others from the roots of our truest self.  

Ask yourself, “How would I like to be contributing to the world?”

It can be overwhelming to think about what our life’s purpose is and sometimes searching too hard can cause stress, anxiety, and potentially drive a more ego driven bus in this journey of life.  Listen.  Always listen to the universal pulls, your nature, or what I hear most often, “trust your gut.”

Easier said that done, I know.  Especially when the ego is involved.  Lately my head has been a snow globe of thoughts, what ifs, and what will so & so think.  I have been woken up by my thoughts in the night.  I keep catching myself asking others their opinion or advice even though my heart is guiding me to a destination where all of the puzzle pieces fit.  

In my experience of this awakening I have had many signs and signals to get real, to listen, and to take action.  My jaw had been so clinched that my body was physically telling me to have honest, hard, considerate conversations.  Synergy between passions, visions, and connection encouraged me to grab dinner with someone, have coffee with another, and open a dialogue of possibilities with like-“hearted” humans.   

One of my most challenging and an essential take aways in the quest of Dharma, is the power of letting go.  Letting go of ego, control, routines that don’t serve me, anger and approval from others.  These are just a few.  It may be easier to sit with the ailment of quiet desperation but when the universe sends enough signs the true nature of our soul awakens.

Need a good place to start?  

Gaia.com recommends:

“Follow callings. Callings are those things that you feel deep inside guiding you that don’t necessarily make sense to anyone else but you. You feel a direction to do something, but it’s not through your mind. These callings are preparation for your personal dharma. Know when it’s time to go. If you are feeling like it’s time to move on, then it’s probably time to move on. Your mind might be fighting you, but your soul knows best. Be aware that it’s not linear. The path to your personal dharma may in fact feel like a spiral. Just when you think you’ve gotten there, you find yourself spinning deeper into some aspect. It helps to surrender to the notion that the journey isn’t always forward.”





Source: www.gaia.com