A r t h a


Artha //  is one of the 4 aims of life in Indian philosophy (purushartas); meaning, sense, goal, purpose, essence.  Can also mean the pursuit of wealth.  

The four aims of the purushartas (aims of life) are Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha.

Dharma:  Purpose

Artha:  Means

Kama:  Joy

Moksha:  Freedom

Artha, in my opinion, is where we do the work.  Where we learn and recognize the resources we have to pursue our life’s purpose (Dharma).  This is the stage that we set resolutions from having poor habits, make commitments from craving change, and take action to incorporate new practices in life to shift our current behavior. 

Think about what has happened in your life one year ago from today.  Did you have changes in your career, relationships, workout routine?  Do you dress differently or change your hairstyle?  Not only recognize the change that has happened in your life, open your eyes to the world. 

  1. As of December 7, 2017, 26 countries have legalized Same-Sex Marriage

  2. Women & Men who have been harassed and assaulted in the workplace have stood up and spoke out. These serious conversations that were once shamed have created a movement

  3. The Solar eclipse cast its shadow from coast to coast for the first time since 1918

We were not born into the world with a map or navigation system to get where we are today.  The weak never make it out of old beliefs systems, patterns, and habits (samskaras), the BRAVE are the pioneers trekking on this journey of life with no map, surviving on intelligent resources, and making no stops for bewildered and broken.  The brave can recognize the difference between having compassion and empathy for the suffering and setting boundaries for those who consciously or unconsciously contribute to their suffering.

The Brave are the courageous humans that change old habits to create new experiences.  

For example, is there a trip that you are wanting to take but you can never afford it?  Are there expenses in your life that are habitual and can be avoided?  New outfits, going out to eat, coffee, happy hour, material expenses?  Stop shopping, start saving.  

Example number two, are you tired of going to the same job everyday?  Are there other positions you can be applying for?  Do you have a craft you can progressively make into a money making business?  Do you have a skill you can monetize?  

Example number three, are you tired of something happening in your community or the world?  Stand up and speak out!  Sit on the side walk with a poster.  Organize a group to implement action to create change. 

There are some people who get on the stage in this world, get tomatoes thrown at them, and walk away in shame, anger, and resentment.  There are others who get on the stage, get tomatoes thrown at them, and make the best freakin' pasta sauce the world has every tasted.